Purpose(vision) and mission

  According to anthropological research, Taiwan is the source of the Austronesian language and the native country of the Austronesian peoples. The Austronesian peoples has 1,300 languages, mainly in the South Pacific Islands, including Taiwan, Hainan, southern Vietnam, the Philippines, the Malay Islands. The range starts from Madagascar in Southeast Africa across the Indian Ocean to Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean and from Taiwan in the north to New Zealand in the south. Taiwan is the northernmost part of where the Austronesian Linguistic Family is living. In recent years, Taiwan’s active exchanges with the countries of the Pan- Austronesian country in the fields of economy and trade, commerce, agriculture, medical care, science and technology have become more and more important, highlighting the necessity and importance of the research and promotion of the Austronesian peoples of Taiwan.

  Located in South Taiwan, where the most distributed indigenous townships are located, NSYSU is less than two hours away from the most remote Indigenous towns through a smooth and smooth network of traffic, and although it is geographically spatially on both sides of the east and west; it also shows the special significance of the geographical, cultural and social symmetry of the mountains and seas. In the past, the NSYSU has cultivated a lot of indigenous people’s social education, and has a dense and special relationship in the social and economic development of the indigenous people. As the leading academic town in Southern Taiwan, NSYSU should respond to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the Convention on Biological Diversity, the Constitution of the Republic of China, the Indigenous Peoples Basic Law and other calls for the human rights, education and talent cultivation of indigenous peoples, actively participate in the indigenous peoples cultural revitalization project, the establishment of relevant traditional knowledge preservation and development of cultural courses. With Long-term training of indigenous people’s social and cultural development talents, the construction of indigenous communities to activate the regeneration and continuation of energy, in order to implement and practice the university’s social responsibility. 

  Due to the significance of the indigenous peoples in Taiwan and the South Island, and the increasing importance of the academic community, NSYSU set up a center for Austronesian Peoples Social and Cultural Development as the goal of the first-level academic units, aiming at integrating the Austronesian culture and indigenous people-related research, indigenous students tutoring, multi-curriculum planning; while spread the energy in diplomatic, marine, cultural, language, music, and arts  to the world. The center will also be the bridge for the Austronesian countries and 300 million people within these countries to communicate.

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