Guidelines for Setting up the Center for Austronesia Social and Cultural Development

Chapter 1 General

Article 1 These Guidelines accord with the provisions of the Measures for the Establishment and Review of research centers at The National Sun Yat-sen University.

Article 2 The Center shall be named as the Center for Austronesia Social and Cultural Development of National Sun Yat-sen University (hereinafter referred to as the Center) as the first-level units of the mission group of(in) the University.

Article 3 The Centre aims to develop Research on the Austronesia and promote the revival of Indigenous culture, with the following tasks:

(1) Promote academic exchanges and international cooperation between the Austronesia and the Indigenous peoples.

(2) To integrate the teaching, research and activities of the Austronesia and the Indigenous peoples concerned with society, culture, education, industry, language and other related activities.

(3) Publication of special issues or books on the Austronesia and the indigenous community, culture, education, industry, language, etc., and (to provide)providing a platform for the publication of the research results of scholars and experts from home and abroad.

(4) Conduct social, cultural, industrial, linguistic seminars and other exhibitions and performances on the Austronesia and the Indigenous peoples.

(5) To establish basic information on indigenous students in schools, to plan for the life and course counselling measures of indigenous students, and to provide a pipeline for career development and future employment counselling (Advisory)for indigenous students. 

(6) To promote exchanges(sharing) and interactions between indigenous students inside and outside the school, to handle activities related to the cultural revival of the Indigenous people and the development of communities, and to strengthen students’ recognition of tribes and cultures. 

Chapter Two Organization and Management

Article 4 The Center shall set up an advisory committee, which shall be responsible for the consultation of the relevant business of the Center. The committee is composed of seven members and(which) is composed of school teachers and out-of-school indigenous professionals. Members who are(will be) unoffered(unpaid) and are recommended by the Director of the Centre to be appointed upon selection by the Principal. Another director of one person, deputy director one person, three members of the team and one member of the staff.

Chapter III Preparation

Article 5 The Centre shall have one Director and shall be responsible for the affairs of the Integrated Management Centre for a term of three years and may be re-elected once. The Director shall adopt the post-employment and the relevant procedures.

Article 6 The relevant personnel of the operation of the Center shall be appointed on an interim basis according to the nature of the plan and shall be dismissed after the completion of the plan. 

Chapter IV Funding

Article 7 All funds (including staff(personnel) costs) of the Center shall be paid by the commission plan or other self-sufficient means that the Center seeks for on its own, and all revenues and expenditures of the Center shall be included in the school funds; 

Chapter 5 By-laws

Article 8 Each center shall do self-assessment every year, and from the beginning of three years, the center shall be subject to the assessment of the school. The evaluation projects and methods shall be handled in accordance with the relevant provisions.

Article 9 If the Center has the following circumstances, it shall be deemed to be automatically abolished: First, reasons for the establishment disappears, and the director of the center, the recommended supervisor, the approved meeting or the principal proposes to abolish the person. Second, in violation of the provisions of Article 9 of the foregoing. Third, the central funds are not sufficient to meet the operation.

Article 10 These Guidelines shall be adopted by the School Council and implemented after the approval of the Principal, and shall be the same when amended.

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